I've only opened one bounty before and it was closed. Now I am trying to open a bounty on several old questions (or at least see if I have the ability to do so), and I do not see that option. I thought the only things which blocked you from opening a bounty were having 3 open counties or trying to open a bounty on a question which is less than 48hrs old.

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You're right, you can't place bounties on new questions or have more than three open bounties at a time.

However, you also need 75 reputation before the system will let you place any bounties at all. As I'm writing this, your rep is at 61, so you're still a few upvotes short.

For all the details, see the network-wide community FAQ page on bounties.

  • Oh that makes sense. I didn't know my rep was that high previously when I had set one for 50pts. Thank you.
    – Dinerdo
    Jun 23, 2014 at 23:05

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