On google I find this,


someone copied all of SharePoint exchange answer and made a blog post.

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"Intellectual property have the shelf life of a banana" -Bill Gates

It is referenced here, so I would imagine this is OK. This is the same thing as we do here (from other sites), even if we often describe it in our own words and add a source link. Very much the same as academia does - build on others content an conclusion.

User content is licensed under cc-wiki


Thank you for pointing this out! Copying/distributing/republishing the user-contributed content from SharePoint SE (or any other Stack Exchange site) for any purpose is perfectly fine, as long as a few rules are followed:

  • indicate the origin site and link back to the original post
  • indicate the author's name and link to author's profile
  • don't use nofollow or any other obfuscation while doing the above

For more info, see Updated procedure for reporting SCRAPERs.

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