I asked 2 questions (here and here) that were migrated to sharepoint.stackexchange from superuser at my request, which is great. However, I am having a cascading problem: I don't appear as the person who asked them, so my reputation is still 1, which means I can't comment on people's answers (need reputation of 15) to get clarifications that will help me accept one. Since I don't appear as the person who asked the questions, I can't accept answers and gain reputation that way. And regrettably I don't know enough about SharePoint to answer questions and gain reputation - I am here to learn.

How can I get reputation for questions that I asked elsewhere and were migrated here? I just want to be able to manage my questions (make comments, accept answers), not seeking glory.


Use the contact us form below to contact the StackExchange folks to have your accounts merged. Moderators cannot do that.

  • Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to do.
    – KAE
    Jul 20 '15 at 17:48

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