Is there any simple method to search for my old answers , I have more answers , but I can' reach quickly to a specific question ?

Is it applicable to add a Search TextBox in answers tab as Search TextBox Users Page

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But, of course! Search is one of the most powerful tools we have here. To get your posts, you simply type user:me, and you'll get all your posts!

Nice, but how do I get only my answers, and not my questions?

Equally simple, just add the is:answer to user:me, and you'll have your answers. user:me is:answer.

Oh! I'm starting to like this. But I have several hundreds of answers, and what I'm looking for is just answers containing User Profile. How does this work?

Well, just continue to concatenate your string and add "User Profile", to your search: user:me is:answer "User Profile".

Try this out yourself here.

All of this and more magic can be found in our help center, specifically in the article How do I search?.

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    Wow , that what I need . many thanks, Mr. @Benny Nov 21, 2016 at 16:48

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