While spending time with the question AJAX POST REST call generates CORS error I tried to come up with more specifying tags for the original question. A slight surprise to me was that there are no Cross-Origin -related tags in SP.SE although Cross-Origin -related questions shouldn't be too uncommon with SharePoint.

SO.SE has the tag [cors] with a description that could suit for our community too. Should we add it too, or is there already one covering this field?


Just tag the question with it and the tag will be created. If someone in the community has a better tag that is already used, they can ask for a merge of the two terms

  • You are right. Kinda went the "confirm-first"-way as the general guidance instructs to avoid using non-existing tags. So thanks for confirming on this one.
    – moe
    Jun 30 '17 at 9:32

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