This is related to freedom of internet campaign brought to us by StackOverFlow community and we are asked for joining the hands for Net Neutrality. Standing up for Net Neutrality

Is this worth If we join In? Can we have sharepoint.stackexchange individuals's point of view on this?

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It is a StackExchange-wide matter, which can be further debated/discussed/questioned in SE's Meta. The main-topic would be this one: Net Neutrality and Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange while this would be the chat discussion of the topic: Discussion on question by Shog9: Net Neutrality and Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange.

As this is SE-wide, there's no specific need to bring up the "origin" of the participant in the discussion - we are all equals also in SE, ain't we! In other words, to answer more precisely, it's a topic one can freely participate. However, if you truly want to make even a slight impact, you'd want to focus your efforts (also) towards FCC as the How You Can help -section of your link describes.

Personally I feel this has only a positive intention, and at least I'll keep an eye on the discussion. The raise of awareness is a major step in the campaign. However it is, as said, a one's personal matter whether to support the campaign with a further input.

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