Welcome Our SharePoint Stack Exchange Valued Contributors.

We would like to share the Most Active Contributors (Top 10) in 2017!

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You can find the full list at Stack Exchange Leagues !!

Please join me in thanking all contributors for volunteering,

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We fully appreciate all the great contributions of SE members. Please keep up your valuable contributing!

P.S.: This report will be published Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly based on the available data. Please don't hesitate to share your valuable feedback & precious suggestion!

  • @MohammedEl-QassasMVP - can you write up a report for year 2018 as well ? Most grateful !! Jan 25, 2019 at 18:00

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Congrats all! Massive credits to the top 10 and especially to the top 3 who together scored more reputation than the top 4-12 did together - that's amazing! But strength is in numbers as in every community, so the efforts of everyone are what make SP.SE a trustworthy and efficient Q&A site.

It sure has been quite a year here. New moderators led by a couple of step-downs from the previous ones, 12.430 questions which of 386'ish questions asked about and 934'ish about , a bit over 1:1 with 12.512 answers, an emerging worry about the future of SP development, 544 Winter Bash hats, 38% posts with code against 40.5% of the previous year, and so on...

It remains to be seen what is the site's trend of 2018, but at least we can effortlessly track it thanks to the introduced Most Active-reports!

P.s. Found myself at rank #11 :confetti:

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