I've just been adding some tags to questions, but I find that the existing tags are not really sufficient (or else I don't know the existing tags well enough).

This led me to post this question about the 1,250 reputation requirement before a user is allowed to create new tags. I see a need for a new tag, but am unable to create one. Is 1,250 reputation too high perhaps? At the same time, I appreciate there is a need to prevent too many tags being created needlessly...a difficult balance to strike I guess.

My tag proposal is: "Information Lifecycle" or perhaps "Document Lifecycle". There is a Records Management tag and an Information Management tag but neither exactly address the process of managing information lifecycle. With GDPR legislation in the EU it is a valid area to address for Sharepoint Administrators since we need to manage sensitive data in accordance with the law.

Within the Sharepoint menus, there is an area called Information Management Policy Settings this area can be used to manage documents, content types, folders, data in other words.

Here is a question which I think would benefit from an Information Lifecycle tag. I've tagged it with Records Management, but don't feel that this exactly covers it.

Thanks for any comments and feedback.

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It "should be" lower, based on this answer from Adam Lear.

However, looking into the matter, creating tag synonyms require 1250 rep and creating tags require 300 rep. So my guess is your looking at the wrong heading...

enter image description here

See Privileges page for more details.

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