First: I like the new design! It is great.

One minor detail is the FavIcon color and its transparency. In my list of tabs and bookmarks it is dull and doesn't stand out. (I'm using Chrome here)

In my Favorites tools bar: You can hardly see the S and the hexgon-lines are almost invisible, only some colored dots remain.

enter image description here

As active and inactive tab:

FavIcon in active and inactive tabs


Even as Twitter icon it is 'white', 'blank':

enter image description here

Compare it with other SE icons:

enter image description here

More general

It's probably the overall look-and-feel of the logo, great idea, but lacking 'power' (like the tipping beeker, the StackOverflow logo, the English logo, the Gaming logo) See this list, almost all logos have strong colors and stand out as icon.

  • I agree! I'm going to re-tool the favicons this week. I may give it a dark background so the logo pops out more.
    – Jin
    Commented Sep 14, 2011 at 19:29

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SPSE twitter icon

The twitter logo has been updated. I'll be uploading site favicons with a darker bg this afternoon.

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