Looks as if the marshall flag was changed from a flag weight to a set number of raised flags. I was pretty close, well, 150ish, away from achieving this badge. After the change now, I'm no where close. This isn't a whine thread, but I was just wondering what constituted the change to use only helpful flags. Was there a fundamental flaw to the weight system?

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    Bear in mind that the flag weight gains decreased as you gained weighting: I've raised 174 flags, with a score of 669ish. At 600 you would still have had a long way to go. I like that it's a tangible goal now, rather than seemingly insurmountable task previously. – Stu Pegg Jan 20 '12 at 15:30

I think the change was to focus on the number of helpful flags rather than flag weight. In the end, I think it works out to be pretty much the same.

Change the requirements for the Marshal badge

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