Someone needs 50 reputation points to comment, but no points to create an answer... I don't understand this difference.

I have a similar problem than this, and I want to make a comment explaining my case and it didn't work for me. What I should do? Should I make a new question?

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The reasoning is... we want to encourage new users to post answers rather than comments.

You already have some reputation, so I think by answering/asking a couple questions you can reach the 50 rep requirement fairly quickly. :)


  • That's what I was looking for, references. Thanks. Feb 6, 2012 at 19:12

As a relative newbie I sometimes find it hard without the ability to comment on the question to ask for clarification. Sometimes I feel that if I could ask for more information I might be able to answer it or help someone else answer the question.

A comment I frequently wish I could post is to ask which version of software they are using. Otherwise I could be posting an unrelevant answer

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    If you have an answer that may not be relevant, depending on a detail that's missing from the question, and you don't have the rep to comment, the best approach is to go ahead and post your answer, and attach a conditional statement. For example, "Although your question doesn't mention which version of the software you're running, I know that on version N you can do X. Note that this won't work in version F or earlier, and I'm not sure whether it works in versions Q and R." This way, even if the original poster is using version F, your answer can still help a later user who is on version N. May 19, 2016 at 18:41

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