I am confused to see the flux of new questions (and answers) on SharePoint in SO ( http://stackoverflow.com ) no less than here.
They are not moved to this site as well as I could not find any explanation (in About page) what is this site for in comparison to questions on Sharepoint in http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com

Which questions on Sharepoint should be asked in this http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com and which in http://stackoverflow.com ?

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If a question is SharePoint related, including programming questions, please ask it on https://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/.

Stack Overflow (http://stackoverflow.com) is intended for questions on programming in general. SharePoint development questions are therefore perfectly permissible on Stack Overflow, but you probably have a better chance of getting it answered on SharePoint.StackExchange.

The moderators on Stack Overflow are very receptive to suggestions to migrate questions that are SharePoint-specific, but there is no mechanism to automatically migrate SharePoint questions to SharePoint.StackExchange.com. Stack Overflow has a much larger number of users and amount of traffic (it was the original site in the Stack Exchange family) so inevitably a significant number of SharePoint questions get posted there. In addition there is a large body of SharePoint questions that were posted before SharePoint.StackExchange existed. Ultimately it is up to the poster to decide where to post, but if you want an answer to a specific SharePoint question you have a better chance of getting an answer on SharePoint.StackExchange.com.


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