I have this question. It is answered and solved, but looks a bit unformatted.

So I wonder if it is useful to edit both code-blocks to a more readable format? Any suggestions?

Because someone added a comment last time, this question went up and I fixed minor formats without reading date. So it leads me to think about.


Definitely yes!

A question is helpful not only to the person who asked it but also the people who are searching for that answer in the future. I always edit questions as I come across them to make them more readable... no matter how old.

  • Editing a question to improve formatting is my primary edit action nowadays on Ask Ubuntu (my main SE account where I have over 3.5k rep). Even ancient questions I edit occasionally to make formatting look better. This is so people don't have to figure out what is what (code vs. information vs. question, etc.) Code styling is very useful ;P Jun 11 '12 at 13:22

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