99% of the work I'm doing involves presentation issues. How can I right justify default metadata field X on this view, how can we display webparts to make them behave like HTML frames in Y view. Can this CSS be used to make something look like Z, and where does it need to live, or does what I want need to be .NET development?

These are quite typical of the answers I'm looking for, and can be broadly grouped as issues surrounding tweaks to OOTB SharePoint with minimal server-side development. Is there an appropriate tag that I've missed? I can't seem to find one.

If there isn't one, does anyone else feel a need for a "presentation" or "user experience" tag on Sharepoint stackexchange, and is that appropriate?

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There is already a tag , currently linked to four questions. If it fits to your needs, I would say you can use it. And of course feel free to put a good short description into wiki excerpt.

  • thanks! missed that one when I was searching!
    – dwwilson66
    Aug 6, 2012 at 11:37

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