I asked this question that was closed as not constructive.

While this question may not fit in the narrow guidelines of what this community is looking for it is definitely not not constructive.

An alternative exists for StackOverflow for these types of general discussion questions, like Code Review, but these more specialty focused sites do not have that alternative.

Can we make this site a little more flexible in it's guidelines and allow these constructive yet discussion oriented questions a little leeway especially considering the amount of traffic they receive.

Can we vote to remove the close reason "not constructive" from this site?

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I totally back up the closing of this question. The Q/A format of the stack exchange sites does not work well with discussion style questions. Sometimes we allow the Q but make it Community Wiki, but it is really better to use our chat forum, or maybe twitter!

Non consteuctive sound a bit harsh, we do not control the wording of the close Q reasons, but this is definately the best fit of the ones we have.

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