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Using multiple accounts to get around Stack Exchange Questions limit

Is it allowed to use multiple accounts to ask questions on the same topics, in this forum to get around the limit of 6 questions per day? I really like an explanation as to why we are not allowed to ...
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Are we allowed to ask questions based partially or entirely on third party applications that integrate with SharePoint?

I couldn't find a definitive question/answer/kb on this. If there is one (fairly up-to-date), please kindly point me to the right direction and close/delete the post. I understand that generally ...
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I asked questions but they no more exsits under my account

I have wrote the following 2 questions :- https://sharepoint....
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Are questions about resources for learning SP development on-topic?

Looking the SharePoint Stack Exchange tour I found difficult to ask questions about references for learning SharePoint development. I know there's a related question with an accepted answer but I'm ...
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Dropdown on each question specifying version

I'm aware this has been asked before but I have a different suggestion. I don't believe that tagging is the answer to the version of SharePoint question. Why don't we simply have a dropdown checkbox ...
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Yammer questions

Now that there's more tighter integration between SharePoint and Yammer - how should Yammer-related questions be addressed? Should they be referred to the Yammer Support forums or other Yammer public ...
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Can I ask a question on Improvements between versions?

SharePoint comes in different versions, shapes and forms, is configured differently and used in multiple ways. Still I have customers that ask me "What improvements have been made to SharePoint 2013?",...
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autocomment (trivial answer) bug

I've tried 6 times to post my answer to Cannot edit Initiation Form of Designer Workflows with InfoPath and it repeatedly was being posted as comment instead (I removed duplicated comments ...
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Redirecting off-topic questions somewhere else?

We sometimes get questions that aren't on-topic or a good fit for SharePoint.SE. For third party questions, this is easy because we can redirect the user to the particular company's support site. ...
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Is it OK to ask a question you intend to answer immediately?

From previous discussions, we've found that posting answers to your own question is perfectly OK. Specifically, I'm wondering about a more "blog post" type Q&A and what the SharePoint.SE ...
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Is this chatty question?

I asked my first question: Limitations for concurrent login of the same user? and I am worried that it turned up to be too chatty (I took time to read Faq page about questions) My posted question is ...
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Posting answers to your own question

I notice quite a few of the unanswerred questions actually do have an answer. But it is buried in the comments. One pattern is where the poster asks a question, has a discussion in the question ...
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What's wrong with manners (or editing out "Thank You" in a question)?

Remotely authenticating users This isn't the first question where I've seen this done, but the moderators removed "Hello" and "Thank You" from the question. I can't seem to figure out the reason ...
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Are programming questions off-topic in SharePoint SE?

Should questions about creating webparts or modifying the code in server files be relegated to Programmers or StackOverflow?
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SharePoint questions on StackOverflow?

Great job with the site! I think my F5 key is almost worn out... I've read the welcome message about starting with a clean slate. I'm assuming this also applies to the SharePoint questions on ...
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