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How do we invite a particular user to chat?

A certain user was of particular help to me in one of my questions. I would like to talk with him some more on the same topic. Is there any way I can invite him into a chat room, or somehow ...
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Receiving notification of a chat response

Is it possible to get some sort of a notification that a chat that I'm involved in has been replied to? Thanks,
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4 votes
1 answer

How do you move a conversation to the chat area?

I've had occasions when someone replies to my question and I'd like to invite the person to the chat room for a few followups, instead of having a dozen comments going back and forth. How do you do ...
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What chat events could we run?

One of the features of chat is the ability to schedule a particular time for an 'event' that we can advertise on the site and get people interested! Would people like to do this? If so, what topics ...
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4 answers

What are some ideas for promoting our chat room?

We have a chat room that people don't seem to visit much, yet it could really encourage participation in the site. What do you think we can do to improve chat participation and get more of a ...
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