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Close old unanswered question?

As one possible step in Cleaning the Archives there is a suggestion on closing old unanswered questions. By definition, an unanswered question is A question which doesn't have any answers A question ...
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Yammer questions

Now that there's more tighter integration between SharePoint and Yammer - how should Yammer-related questions be addressed? Should they be referred to the Yammer Support forums or other Yammer public ...
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Can we make this site a little more flexible in their close reasons?

I asked this question that was closed as not constructive. While this question may not fit in the narrow guidelines of what this community is looking for it is definitely not not constructive. An ...
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1 answer

when is okay to close my post

I have a few posts which have no answers, and I have either moved on or applied a ridiculous workaround that I want to forget it. Should I close these? For example: https://sharepoint.stackexchange....
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When should a question be closed as "too localized"?

What is the "too localized" close reason and when should it be used?
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Should a merged question be closed?

I merged a duplicate question, but the question that was merged still "counts" as unanswered. Should the question be closed? Bulk check-in of files to library
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Closing questions with bounty

I was trying to vote a question off topic, but i cant since it has a pending bounty. SharePoint alert Office 2010 email cuts off table Is this behaviour intended? It doesnt seem like a good idea ...
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