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Users who don't have enough rep to comment

Now that I'm able to work a couple of the review queues I've realized how frequently people post comments as answers because they don't have enough rep to comment everywhere. How exactly are we ...
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Mark your answer as Accepted

Sometimes I see questions where no answer is marked as Accepted But there's an answer of the OP like that: "I found the solution myself..." Should I comment him to mark his answer as Accepted? Or ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Constantly flagging "Not an answer"

I flag a lot of answers as "not an answer" as they are just that. Not an answer. These "answers", or comments really, often have two distinct meanings: Thank you, your answer solved my problem... ...
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BB Code in comments

When pasting a link into a comment I follow the same syntax as a post but I get the markup and the link showing, others don't. Seriously what am I doing wrong? [ ... ][#] [#]: link What tags are ...
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Change my answer to a comment?

I've been accidentally posting my comments as answers and driving the moderators nuts since they change my answers to comments... I almost just did it again but caught myself. Is there a way that I ...
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Questions answered in comments

What the process for having a comment "moved" so it can be classified as the answer. For example on this post: Cannot get audiences to work with LdapRoleProvider
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