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Should we require or avoid Community Wiki for Poll questions with hardly a single definitive answer but rather many additive?

Originally asked as "Is it bad to post separate partial answers and invite people to vote on them separately?" One moderator recently deleted two relevant answers I posted to my own question "What ...
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Cannot submit tag wiki edits

I've been adding a few tag wikis to the database but all of a sudden am facing an error message whenever I try to submit a new one. It says something to the effect of "There was an error submitting ...
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Convert Question to Community Wiki?

How do I request that a thread like this From .NET developer to SharePoint developer - Can it happen? be turned into a community wiki thread? Its not really a question that can be answered by one ...
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Enforcing community wiki content

Already quite a few posts has surfaced that should be made community wiki content. Classics like "where do i find material for taking SharePoint certification" etc that has many objective answers are ...
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