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Edits which change the scope of the original question getting approved

Within a short time span I've suggested edits which rollback the previous edit, which has gone through the review of an edit-process. This is because the initial edit has added a tag, which redefines ...
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Have any tips for editing questions?

With more users gaining rep to suggest and make edits, I thought it would be useful to gather some tips for editing questions. Our questions should be viewed like nuggets of gold - they are what keep ...
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Policy for minor edits that only remove "Thanks"

Was wondering what is the policy on SharePoint exchange for reviewing edits that only delete "thank you" or similar greetings/thanks in a question. On the main site the common view that is to reject ...
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What's wrong with manners (or editing out "Thank You" in a question)?

Remotely authenticating users This isn't the first question where I've seen this done, but the moderators removed "Hello" and "Thank You" from the question. I can't seem to figure out the reason ...
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Approve edits that change link addresses to 'here' with a link?

I've been seeing a lot of edits recently that simply change a statement that looks like Go check out this information at: to Go check out this information here ...
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Why My approved Edit review required another review

I noticed this thing couple of times, when somebody edit a post(question or reply), it move to the suggested edit reviews and when i picked that one and approved it. After that i noticed that even I ...
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Missing wiki tag edits toward Research Assistant

I have made edits / contributions to a few tags and under the Research Assistant badge it shows that I have completed zero. Am I missing something?
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2 votes
2 answers

Why did "Community" edit my answer?

It seems that my answer here was edited by "Community": Read-only column in a SharePoint list I don't get the point of the edit, but that's not my main concern. What I don't understand is why this ...
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Editing an old question to re-ask it without duplication: Naughty?

I really want to get an answer to this question, even if in reality it's a No: Is it possible to create a calendar view with two entries per item? Unfortunately this question has been marked as ...
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I wonder if its a legit edit

I wonder who would had accepted this edit suggestion, Question's title was "How to display a filtered top-level document library in a ...
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Moderator question: Can I change an edit to a comment?

A few edits have come through today where a second person is asking for additional information on another user's question but is doing it by proposing to include their question in the original ...
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