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Using multiple accounts to get around Stack Exchange Questions limit

Is it allowed to use multiple accounts to ask questions on the same topics, in this forum to get around the limit of 6 questions per day? I really like an explanation as to why we are not allowed to ...
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Questions have yellow background?

I am curious - why certain questions have light-yellow backgrounds? (for example as in this screenshot from SharePoint SE home page). What is so special about them?
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Move Office Fabric Tags and Q's to StackExchange

There's a couple of tags and questions that are around the Office UI Fabric and its components. fabric office-ui-fabric-react office-ui Should these be moved to StackOverflow? The project is outside ...
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how can we bring more attention towards Questions related to SharePoint configuration & Admin

This has happened to me for This Question, As questions related to SP configuration are less active because people are mostly dependent on the MSDN links for reference. This leads to a reluctant ...
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What does a faded question means?

Sorry for my ignorance, but What does a faded question means?
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How should I handle my "too localized" question

I have a question I posted an answer to: Access Selected Items from List View I didn't mark it as answered - I feel based on what it took to get it solved it may be one of that is "too localized". ...
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Dealing with good questions in bad English

I've seen a few questions in the review queue that seem as though they conform to the SE standards but that have so many grammatical issues it's exceptionally difficult to be sure. How do you suggest ...
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Why has my question been marked as CW?

I asked this question earlier and it's been marked as CW (notably, after the single definitive answer was added): How long does it take for an Office 365 app to be approved? If the questions was "...
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Migrated questions

I've seen a few untagged migrated questions turn up, and was wondering if this is the tip of an impending iceberg: All SharePoint questions ever asked anywhere being migrated to this site. Or is this ...
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Claim anonymous question from SharePoint Overflow

I asked this question on SharePoint Overflow shortly before the move to SE2.0. Is there any way I can "reclaim" it?
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How should we handle poll / "the best" / resource list style questions?

We have a question on the site: "What is the best tool for reading ULS logs?". These sorts of questions can be very useful because they provide a great list of resources recommended by our community. ...
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SharePoint questions on StackOverflow?

Great job with the site! I think my F5 key is almost worn out... I've read the welcome message about starting with a clean slate. I'm assuming this also applies to the SharePoint questions on ...
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