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What's going on with the Late Answers? 701 in the queue?

Opened up the review queue and this is what I see.
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Misleading information from Review Links on top bar

Today I saw a strange thing, on the top bar before the Review there is the number 3 (total post awaiting review) with orange color (which I understand is 3 items in the review queue) but when I click ...
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1 answer

Users who don't have enough rep to comment

Now that I'm able to work a couple of the review queues I've realized how frequently people post comments as answers because they don't have enough rep to comment everywhere. How exactly are we ...
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Again about version specific tag

Just saw this proposed edit. The edit only retagged the question to introduce the 2010 tag. Now, feel free to correct me but the ...
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Policy for minor edits that only remove "Thanks"

Was wondering what is the policy on SharePoint exchange for reviewing edits that only delete "thank you" or similar greetings/thanks in a question. On the main site the common view that is to reject ...
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Review pane tweak

The review pane is confusing to work with, and should have a collapse button of something so that you can review each post one by one. Whenever you click "Review Answer", there is no way to collapse ...
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Remove posts from Review if a mod has already commented

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks "Oh, a flaggable post! Aw, mod already got it." I believe it would save time and enthusiasm to remove such mod-commented posts from the Review page.
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