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Community positon for self answers that are just a link

The general stance is link only answers should be down voted or flagged. If flagged, we would add a post notice and they would be subject to deletion. Link only answers serve no value as hyperlinks ...
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How helpful flags are considered as disputed

My general rule of thumb on flagging is this: Raise a flag if: There is something that needs done to the question or answer that you do not have ability yet to do yourself. You think there is ...
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Flagged posts responded to by people with very low reputation

I think you may be misunderstanding the content of the screenshot. We don't show you who handled the flags you raised. The "answered 22 hours ago by Sandip Pal" text is the information about when the ...
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Your last flag was declined please review it before flagging this post

I just saw an issue like this over on the Travel site, so I'll steal my own explanation from there: For what it's worth, spam flags are intended for use on only the most egregious cases, like "ChEaP ...
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Flag was declined but later it was found helpfull

Unfortunately, moderators can’t change declined flags to helpful flags afterwards. But if you want it corrected, flag the post again and I’ll mark it as helpful.
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Flagging a question that is "probably" off topic

Go ahead and flag it, if 4 other users feel the same way, it will be closed as off topic. If a moderator sees the flag and agrees before 4 other non-moderators flag it, it will be closed as well.
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Flagging content

Basically, for an answer like that, that do actually answer the question (but not with a lot of explanations) and that also already has gotten a comment about it lacking details, we as moderators ...

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