Since English is the only allowed language I think our only option is to edit the question the best way we can. The user posting bad English will hopefully learn along the way, and we get a stronger community if we help each other out. English is really tough to learn if you native language is traditional Chinese. Not only do you need to learn letter ...


Fortunately StackExchange community has provision for this. The provision is called as Bounty management. Bounty is one of the way. You can start bounty on the question you want to get more attention. Although bounty does not guaranty the answer but it will capture more attention. Once you start bounty on any question it will be shown up into Featured tab....


I don't think your question is a good example of "SharePoint configuration & administration" (a bit of that below). It's a question of integrating two Microsoft products and how the hosting of the products should be done considered. Also as MS Dynamics is an addition, a piece that can be integrated to SharePoint - receiving the best available information ...


It's mapping your Watched tags. Yellow is highlighted for tags you added as watched tags.


I read the answer and understood how this could be used in other similar scenarios. In addition, since I gained knowledge from your post, others are likely to benefit as well. A lot of our questions and answers are very localized and specific. This doesn't mean others can't benefit from these posts. In SharePoint you sometimes need to be very specific, ...


It's better to look stupid for 30 seconds, than to be stupid for the rest of your life. Good that you asked! Faded means you have put the 2010 tag to your ignore tags. Followed tags will highlight in slightly yellowish color.


I have listened to you and I hear you. The answer seems to be that there is no answer. Your post is unmarked as wiki :)

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