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But, of course! Search is one of the most powerful tools we have here. To get your posts, you simply type user:me, and you'll get all your posts! Nice, but how do I get only my answers, and not my questions? Equally simple, just add the is:answer to user:me, and you'll have your answers. user:me is:answer. Oh! I'm starting to like this. But I have several ...


Use the contact us form below to contact the StackExchange folks to have your accounts merged. Moderators cannot do that.


When answering what crawlers do and doesn't do, one is out on thin ice. But you have a point that the start page doesn't show up in the 154 results of your search string on Facts are that the robots.txt file disallow all crawling from Yahoo! With the comment saying # # Yahoo bot is evil. # User-agent: Slurp Disallow: / Now, we know that Bing and ...


You can search within code block only if you type code:"search argument" when the search argument is surrounded by spaces or :. But your specific case has the entire class written out which means that you need to search for code:"Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityNotFoundException:" which receives the result your interested in. Lose the code and you'll get ...

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