Yes, there is no real difference here. I've merged the terms. Thanks for bringing it up. There is a way to propose a merge. If you click on Tags, then click on the specific tag, there should be an option for merge. This will lead you to a page where you can supply what the desired term should be. It'll then be available for moderator review.


Completely agree. I've merged the tags to csom.


Therefore maybe just the descriptions could be extended to distinguish the tags? I think this is a much better idea, than merging two completely different tags. The keyword here is sold where we think of companies like Nintex, Metalogics, K2, ShareGate and other 3rd party software companies. To me custom application is a specific application in a specific ...


Thank you, Glorfindel for this hint. We have merged the calculatedfield tag with calculated-column as a master tag, so if someone asks a general question about the calculated column, he should use the calculated-column tag. but if his question is specifically related to the calculated column formula, he should use calculated-column-formula tag.


You can not approve your own suggestions. I can approve synonyms, but to me jsom and csom is not synonyms to client-object-model. They are specific types of client object models, but they are not interchangeable with client object model. client-object-model is a wider term than the other two, it includes, but is not limited to, both of the other two terms. ...


I think client-side-rendering and jslink should co-exist because not all CSR is JS Link. Possibly we could make csr a synonym of client-side-rendering, but not specific frameworks. There are other framework which could accomplish CSR, and I like the possibility to specify framework as a tag. The synonym have been created: https://sharepoint.stackexchange....


It's done! Thank you for your effort here Amal! Really appreciated!

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