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There is an ootb tag (out of the box),


Just tag the question with it and the tag will be created. If someone in the community has a better tag that is already used, they can ask for a merge of the two terms


It "should be" lower, based on this answer from Adam Lear. However, looking into the matter, creating tag synonyms require 1250 rep and creating tags require 300 rep. So my guess is your looking at the wrong heading... See Privileges page for more details.


I can see that you have three suggested (and accepted) tag wiki excerpt edits made, but no tag wikis. Does your score still say 0? Probably it's because the excerpt isn't counted. If I look at this tag, the excerpt is filled out, but the tag wiki isn't.


I feel as though Workflow Manager is specific to the installation/setup and not pertaining with the implementation and integration with SharePoint 2013. I agree here with @ghangas, at least a tag synonym for workflow 2013 would be a good idea. Plus workflow manager is a little ambiguous for those users that aren't sure what workflow manager pertains to.


There is already a tag for workflow-manager, so I guess that answers your question. But if you'd like you could improve the tag wiki so we know what its for. The only link I find valuable is Installing and Configuring Workflow Manager 1.0.

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