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Shankar Gurav
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  • I am technology void() person, passionate about coding and turning client use cases to real life solution. I get passionate about everything that connects each other, be it human or things. Technology is just syntactical way of plugging parts together to prepare a complete solution for me. So I explore, learn, utilize and expertise those all technologies which helps me to provide user centric solutions.
  • I'm able to catch requirements and translate them into realistic and implementable definitions
  • I'm approachable and fun to work with (at least they say so)
  • I can make technology and content work together

My technology specialties are, though not limited to: Azure, Office 365, SharePoint 2013/2010, Angular Js, PowerShell, ASP.NET, MVC, IoT (Arduino, esp8266), Communities, Blogging, Portal (SharePoint Intranet, Internet), Search, Collaboration, Social Computing, TFS, Java Script, JQuery.

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