Salvatore Di Fazio

I have started programming videogames in 1995 and web applications since 2000.

I have some Microsoft certification. You can find these here: https://mcp.microsoft.com/authenticate/validatemcp.aspx

Transcript ID: 779966

Access code: salvo030580

I had worked in difference business fields such as aerospace & defence, finance, customer support, logistics, sales, etc

I'm particularly interested in Agile metodology and client/server applications.

I'm always interested in the latest Microsoft technologies.

Since 2011 I'm MVP in SharePoint Server.

I'm really working hard on this and I have did a lot of projects with SharePoint Server in many kind of business fields.

I'm Specialties in: Enterprise Architecture, Agile XP, ASP.NET, WCF, SharePoint Server, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript

On Twitter: @Salvodif