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Can we edit our review for Low Quality Post?

I accidently set "Looks OK" review to one of the low quality post. Can we edit our review in such case?
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1 answer

User with reputation of 74 points can review?

I have made some edits for posts, mostly updating code spacing for better readability. And I check review status for my suggestions - looking for comments from reviewers if there are any good/bad ...
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0 answers

A fair share of posts are being flagged for questionable reasons every day - we are killing the community

I'm slowly losing my mind with the peer reviewers of SP.SE. I have been reviewing SP.SE's flagged posts for at least 2,5 years and the last 6 months or so have been just ridiculous. Completely valid ...
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2 answers

Reviewer declined flag on own post

I just had a flag declined by the person whose answer I flagged. Then another moderator came along and flagged it for the same reason I did; it was a link-only answer. So I lost a point even though my ...
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new item count based alerts for review items

Can we have the feature for new item alerts (new item count icon) specific to review items. that would help the reviewers to spend time only when needed.
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1 answer

Who flag the first time posts?

I am wondering, Who and how does First-time Posts get flagged? Sometimes I notice that a post appears in the review section within 3 to 5 min. But sometimes it appears after 15 to 30 Mins. Just for ...
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One question in 3 review queue

I noticed one thing, If a question report in the 3 review categories like this First Posts Late Answers Low Quality Posts Now I click on the First post and approve it. I go back that post gone from ...
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