The questions:

are duplicates.

Initially wrote this as proposal to make possible to flag the questions as dupes between SE sites but then saw the answer to Migrate SharePoint questions from other Stack Exchange sites here?

So, I answered the question in SO but, then, saw its dupe in Sharepoint site.

I feel my answer belongs to Sharepoint.
What should or can I do?
To copy-paste my reply?

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What I've done in the past in this situation is to flag the question on SO as 'Other' with a message like this:

This is a duplicate of this question on SharePoint.SE: (link)

Please could you migrate it there so that it can be merged.

Then, once it has been migrated you can flag it here as a duplicate. Although sometimes the SO mods decide to close or delete the question instead; it's a bit hit-and-miss over there.

Example migrated:

Can you programmatically add comments to an append-only comment field in a custom item list using C#?

Can you add comments to an append-only field in a list in Sharepoint 2010 using C#?

Example closed (then deleted by the author):



As long as it is your anwser, I would do it and leave a hint that I answered same question as well as on SO as on SE-SP. If it is someones other answer, I would leave a comment where to find right answer.

But as you see in your specific case now, you cannot answer any longer on SO as it is migrated.


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