Just noticed a question that was tagged as [web] [missing] [part] (yes, 3 separate tag). The question is WebPart Does Not show up in Gallery.

I have edited/corrected the tags on the question, but I wonder what to do with the Missing tag. Should we leave it, improve it with a description to give it some actual use or just leave nature do its course and let it be pruned by the system if no one will use it?

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Remove it. The tag comes from questions that get migrated here from other sites (like StackOverflow).

  • aaaaaah, I was of the idea that it was added by the user when typing a phrase in place of the appropiate tags ("Missing Web Part"). You should be right, I was misguided by the fact that for an astral coincidence (maybe mayas?) the tag wasn't used anywhere else.
    – SPArcheon
    Nov 8, 2012 at 12:13

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