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Close old unanswered question?

As one possible step in Cleaning the Archives there is a suggestion on closing old unanswered questions. By definition, an unanswered question is A question which doesn't have any answers A question ...
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Cleaning the Archives

It's always nice to start the year with a nice cleaning excercise. And we have collected a lot of things to clean up over the years. Currently we have 31'216 questions in stock. That is an amazing ...
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Mutually exclusive tags

There are some instances of mutually exclusive tags being used in questions: Foundation & Enterprise ~ 60 2007 & 2010 ~ 40 What's the best approach for dealing with this? Is there some way ...
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New Year Untagged cleanup

I'm opening this post to collect some feedback/help about my current attempt at cleaning up the remaining untagged questions on the main site. As you may have noticed, almost any question that gets ...
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Site Cleanup Task Force for SharePoint Conference 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011 is just around the corner and gives us a fantastic opportunity to promote the site! Getting out of beta in time for this would be a great boost to our community. The only ...
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