Is it possible to tweak when users are allowed to comment on a question/answer?

As a moderator approximately ½ of the edits I do, is moving answers to comments. This is because new rep 1 users are not allowed to leave comments with < 50 rep.

It is quite tiresome to do this again and again! Not sure what the reasoning behind this is either. If it is fear of rep 1 users spamming the site, they can already do this with an Answer!

Is it possible to tweak our reputation model on our site, so that rep 1 users can leave comments?


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It would be nice if rep from other SE sites carried over sooner. I think I read that once you have 200 rep somewhere you start with a base of 100 on each site? It would be nice if that was 100 and 50 instead. Comment Everywhere is really the most annoying thing not to have access to.


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